ABOUT Hiro Arai



Hiro Arai is currently based in Cairo, Egypt. He travels around the Middle East and North Africa taking documentary art photographs of people and images of the Arab Culture and landscape as well as underwater world of Red Sea. His photographs were part of an exhibition at Town House Gallery in downtown Cairo in 2005. He also does photography for magazine and his photos have been published by "Illustrado" also other magazines such as " SKIN magazine ".
As an actor, Hiro Arai's debut was in a starring role in the 1986 Anglo/French production movie called "CAPTIVE" directed by Paul Mayersberg. Since then he has worked in Japanese films as well as American film. He is in a starring role in a new movie "A Fairy Tale in Sand" which was filmed in Egypt by Japanese director Yukinari Hanawa (the director of First Love, Tokyo Skin). Article about Hiro was in Egyptian Magazine "Egypt Today".
Click here to see his photography of Oman at  "Oman Navi !!"


1981年渡英、ロンドンにてロックのライブ活動をしながら、モデルとしてファッション雑誌やペプシコーラCM等出演後、ロックバンドJAPANやワム(ジョージマイケル)のマネージャーであったサイモン・ネイピアベルに俳優として見出され、1986年、英仏合作映画 "「CAPTIVE」" (映画「地球に落ちてきた男」や「戦場のメリークリスマス」の脚本家で知られるポールマイヤーズバーグ初監督作品。共演に名優オリバーリード等)で俳優デビュー。

その後、アメリカ映画や日本映画「我が人生最悪の時(林海象監督)」や「アジアンビート/i LOVE NIPPON(天願大介監督)」等、TVドラマ「キツイ奴ら(アーノルド杉原役/久世光彦演出)」等で俳優活動後、1997年から俳優業を無期休業(休止)。


主な雑誌作品掲載「ILLUSTRADO(アラブ首長国連邦)」、「SKIN(ヨルダン)」など。雑誌インタビュー記事「EGYPT TODAY(エジプト)」など。

『めいふぁず』 の写真館はこちら

『OMAN navi!!』 の写真館はこちら

『QATAR navi!!』 の写真館はこちら

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